The Really Bad Boss Week in Review

This week in Really Bad Boss…

CBS’ new reality series Undercover Boss premiered and of course we had something to say about it.

I steal office supplies because I hate my boss – In this week’s Managing the Meanies, Buck discussed both bad and good bosses and the impact they have on employees.

It must be Wednesday caus’ another bad boss just declared himself a sex addict. We’re not sure if we buy it.

We’re not the only ones to have an opinion about ‘Undercover Boss.’  In this week’s Blog Roundup, we let you know what others are saying.

The Really Bad Boss Week in Review

This week in Really Bad Boss…

RBB stamp of approval The truth about sexual harassment – $51.5 million in monetary benefits last year? Someone’s not getting the message.

Managing the Meanies – Some people just don’t get it. And by some people, Buck Henry means bad bosses and the companies and head honchos that keep letting them in.

Parting words for a really bad boss – The cost of your typical job search – a couple hundred dollars. Finding out you’re not the crazy one – priceless.

Our weekly blog roundup – bad nanny bosses, when Fridays were Fridays and not all bosses are bad. Really. No really.

The Really Bad Boss Week in Review

This week in Really Bad Boss…

RBB stamp of approval More worst boss ever stories – And you thought your boss was bad. This crackpot hit one of her employees in the head with a book!

Cronyism at its finest – Buck Henry delivered another great installment of Managing the Meanies this week, discussing workplace cronyism and its destructive effects.

Male on male sexual harassment is on the rise, and its no surprise that these claims are harder to win than “traditional” harassment cases.

Conan is king – He spent two weeks dissing his bosses on national TV and might $40 million for doing it!

The Really Bad Boss Week in Review

This week at Really Bad Boss…

RBB stamp of approval A reader submits a story about her new boss from hell. This is one for the books folks…

Ganging Up is the new – old management style. This week’s Managing the Meanies installment discusses the phenomenon.

The big bad bosses over at NBC really stepped in it this time. We’re predicting though, that for them anyway, there’ll be little financial fall-out over the Leno/O’Brien fiasco. In fact, we bet their bonuses are still in tact.

A CFO steals $675,000 from a New Orleans charter school because those kids haven’t been through enough. There’s a special place in really bad boss hell for people like that.

The Really Bad Boss Week in Review

This week at Really Bad Boss…

RBB stamp of approval Tyra Banks a bad boss? – Some insiders are saying that the retiring talk show house and former fashion model ruled the roost with an iron fist. She’s also reported to display such bad boss behavior as alerting the media of her show’s impending end before telling her employees.

Buck Hamilton’s back with the latest installment of his Managing the Meanies series. This week Buck introduced us to The Intimidating Demoralizer and the idea that the seeds of this kind of bad boss behavior may be sown as far back as adolescence…

We can’t get no satisfaction – Job dissatisfaction is at an all time high. No surprise here, but the long term consequences might impact our ability to compete on an international level.

Dirty old man – An 86 year old Indian politician was caught in bed with three women. Seriously…

The Really Bad Boss Week in Review

RBB stamp of approval Are we asking too much when we ask our bosses to treat us with a little respect? 

Quinnipiac University warns students to watch out for Letterman’s pants

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The Really Bad Boss Blog Roundup: Five qualities that make a really bad boss, what a good boss should be doing, why boss egos are getting bigger, and more of what the blogosphere’s saying about bosses this week.

Friday was Boss’s Day. What did you do for/to your boss? If it was legal and non-injurious, tell us in the comment section after the jump.

The Really Bad Boss Week in Review

really-bad-boss-stamp-of-approvalThis week in Really Bad Boss…

  • Sweet Deceit – It’s the act of convincing yourself, despite warning signs to the contrary, that the job you’re about to take is the best job in the world.
  • Kanye is still a jackass, even after the apology – Slightly off topic, but relevant nevertheless. He’s the head of a multimillion dollar brand and doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.
  • Consent won’t necessarily get you off the hook. The courts agree.
  • How do you survive a really bad boss.  Share your stories with our readers.

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