The Really Bad Boss Tool of the Week

I have no idea what I'm doing...

I have no idea what I'm doing...

It seems as though politicians are falling all over themselves to display tool-like behavior.  If we could unilaterally present the award to the architects of the birther movement and the healthcare town hall showdowns, we would.  But, in keeping with tradition, we’ll give the award to a single individual who’s recently displayed very tool-like behavior.

This week, it’s a toss-up between Blagojevich puppet, Senator (we use the term loosely) Roland Burris and Governor Mark “don’t cry for me Argentina” Sanford.  Sanford’s personal use of his state’s plane has rightfully fallen under scrutiny. Pickups from his son’s games and flights to get discount haircuts, all funded by taxpayer dollars, deservedly put Sanford in the running. 

However, Burris gets the award this week for announcing a change of heart and declaring that he might run to retain his senate seat.  He then provided further proof that he’s operating solely on fumes when he declared “people all over the country” were urging him to run.  When pressed, Burris could not specify what country or clearly define what he meant by “people.”

The Really Bad Boss Tool of the Week

rbb-stamp-of-disapprovalThis one is about a week late in coming, and it’s technically 44 tools…but we’ve got to give it to the group we now refer to as the New Jersey Massive.  The NJ Massive includes Rabbi’s, assemblymen, mayors and a host of other elected and appointed officials allegedly involved in crimes ranging from money laundering to human kidney selling.  The turnpike isn’t the only thing that stinks in New Jersey. Shalom.

Steele’s menu choices get him the Really Bad Boss Tool of the Week Award

Michael Steele's keepin' it real

Michael Steele's keepin' it real

RNC Chair Michael Steele continues to do everything in his power to attract minorities to the Republican Party.  And by attract, we mean swear them off for life.  He seems to be aiming for a Really Bad Boss Lifetime Achievement Award, and if he keeps it up, he’ll get several.  In his seven months as RNC Chair, Steele has done the following:

  • Suggested that hosting hip hop rallies was the key to recruiting a younger, more diverse following for the Republican party.
  • Said Limbaugh’s words were “incendiary” and “ugly” and then ate his own words after having them shoved back down his throat by the puppet master himself.
  • Referred to the stimulus package as a lot of “bling bling”, planned an “off the hook” strategy to attract minorities and, referred to “one armed midgets” in one of his speeches.
  • Declares there’ll be no more apologizing from the Republican Party, and then fearfully continues to apologize to Rush Limbaugh on the rare occasions when he has an original thought.
  • Thinks that fried chicken and potato salad will attract diversity to the Republican Party.  In the same interview, refers to the end of slavery, but doesn’t seem to believe it himself.

All this and he’s only held the position for about seven months. For his sheer ignorance and intense stupidity, Michael Steele gets this week’s Really Bad Boss Tool of the Week Award. He’s earned it.

Valley Swim Club, the 1960’s called, they want their racism back

1960's Flashback - Image from 1960's Alabama

1960's Flashback - Image from 1960's Alabama

Philadelphia Club rescinds camp’s membership  when they learn black children attend the camp - We know that members only (often code for whites only) clubs still exist.  But the fact that the president of one of these clubs (a club that advertises open membership) issues the following statement after members complain about black children swimming in their pool, reminds us that stupid is a club with more members than it can handle:

“There was concern that a lot of kids would change the complexion … and the atmosphere of the club.”   John Duesler, President of The Valley Swim Club

Yes, he actually used the word complexion.  And, although it’s only Wednesday, we’re going to give Duesler the Really Bad Boss Tool of the Week Award for releasing that ridiculous statement. Along with missing the memo that the president of the United States is black, he also missed the one that explained that public statements should get you out of hot water, not deeper into it.

We imagine it’s just a matter of time before Mr. Duesler resigns or is fired and promptly, but discreetly rehired by one of the clubs members, unable to hide his or her pride in Duesler for publicly saying what they’ve been thinking all along.  When we find him, we’ll give him the Tool of the Week Award too. In the meantime, we hope Valley’s got a bunch of good, white lawyers as members. They’re going to need them.

Source: Shakesville

The Really Bad Boss Tool of the Week Award – Giant Labor Solutions

tool of the week

Although Mark Sanford, Joe Jackson and Al Sharpton fought hard for it.

This week the politicians, companies and spin doctors of the world fought hard to receive the coveted Really Bad Boss Tool of the Week Award.  Let’s review:

  •  Mark Sanford came down with a horrible case of foot in mouth disease. His incessant yapping and weeping revealed additional affairs that may have cost him some of the sympathy he’d garnered from his initial admittance.  While his handlers are still in search of a cure for his particular strain of foot in mouth, Really Bad Boss has a simple, time tested cure. Shut up. 
  • We’re trying to bottle that cure and have it overnighted to Joe Jackson. Jackson family patriarch and grieving father of the deceased King of Pop has been promoting…himself.  We were especially disturbed when he appeared to promote his new record label during a recent CNN interview.  Not to be outdone, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (who would both show up at the opening of an envelope if microphones and cameras were present) fought to receive the coveted award themselves.  The Reverend Al Sharpton was seen gyrating on stage at a Jackson memorial event while Jesse Jackson was seen at several venues desperately attempting to remain relevant.
  • Yet, while the behavior listed above is shady, none of it is illegal. And so, this week’s award goes to Giant Labor Solutions. The Kentucky based staffing company ran a massive racketeering scheme that took advantage of immigrants attempting to work legally in this country. Shame on Giant Labor for their despicable behavior. So, for that reason, despite fierce competition over the past few days, this week’s Really Bad Boss Tool of the Week Award goes to Giant Labor Solutions.

The Really Bad Boss Tool of the Week – Mark Sanford

This shouldn’t surprise anyone.  We’ve nominated South Carolina governor Mark Sanford as this week’s tool of the week.  While his apology seems genuine, and his infidelity unfortunately seems like standard politician behavior these days, its the disappearing act that has us worried and gets him this week’s nod.  You can’t be in charge of something important, like say a state, and just take off, no matter how much you love the sights, sounds and “curve of her hips” in Argentina.

Stupid, stupid move and apparently, not the first time he’s done something like this.  Now comes word that tax payers funded at least one of his clandestine trips.  The lying, cheating and vanishing act gets Mark Sanford this week’s Really Bad Boss Tool of the Week award. He certainly worked hard to earn it.

The Really Bad Boss Tool of the Week – Former Police Chief Terrell Bolton

Former Dekalb County Police Chief Terrell Bolton
Former Dekalb County Police Chief Terrell Bolton

In our opinion, Really Bad Bosses are genetically incapable of telling the truth.  And because they’re incapable of telling the truth, they’ll do absolutely anything to 1) avoid admitting just how bad they really are, and 2) hold on to something they really want, no matter how obvious it is that they shouldn’t have it (see Roland Burris).  

Former Dekalb County Georgia police Chief Terrell Bolton, in proving his genetic link to really bad bosses everywhere, gets this week’s Really Bad Boss Tool of The Week award. Bolton filed a claim with the EEOC against Dekalb County, claiming he was fired because he has diabetes.  What Bolton and his attorney fail to mention is:

  • Bolton was hired in Georgia after being fired from his Dallas Texas police chief position where his four year tenure was marred by a fake drug scandal, lawsuits filed by former employees and controversy surrounding his hiring practices. Bolton was hired by former Dekalb County CEO Vernon Jones, his own tenure dogged by scandal and investigation.
  • The chief allegedly kept confiscated vehicles for his own personal use. County police officers have testified to bringing several vehicles to Bolton’s home, including a Range Rover and $55,000 Mercedes Benz. It was only after a website began discussing his use of the vehicles that he had them removed from his home. A report issued about the incident indicates that Bolton “scolded Assistant Chief Karen Anderson ” after she told him he was breaking the law by keeping the cars at his home.
  • Bolton allegedly gave a badge to a civilian employee

A number of police officers and county employees have testified to several of the accusations made against Bolton.  The fact that he continues to deny all of the claims made against him, despite mounting evidence to the contrary, confirms that at least this week, Bolton deserves the dubious distinction of the Really Bad Boss Tool of the week.

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