The Really Bad Boss Tool of the Week

I have no idea what I'm doing...

I have no idea what I'm doing...

It seems as though politicians are falling all over themselves to display tool-like behavior.  If we could unilaterally present the award to the architects of the birther movement and the healthcare town hall showdowns, we would.  But, in keeping with tradition, we’ll give the award to a single individual who’s recently displayed very tool-like behavior.

This week, it’s a toss-up between Blagojevich puppet, Senator (we use the term loosely) Roland Burris and Governor Mark “don’t cry for me Argentina” Sanford.  Sanford’s personal use of his state’s plane has rightfully fallen under scrutiny. Pickups from his son’s games and flights to get discount haircuts, all funded by taxpayer dollars, deservedly put Sanford in the running. 

However, Burris gets the award this week for announcing a change of heart and declaring that he might run to retain his senate seat.  He then provided further proof that he’s operating solely on fumes when he declared “people all over the country” were urging him to run.  When pressed, Burris could not specify what country or clearly define what he meant by “people.”

We’re not buying it

Burris shaken up by photographers

The Burris Side-eye

A couple of weeks ago, Roland “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing” Burris, hinted at not running to retain the senate seat Blagojevich tried to sell him gave him.  We all breathed a collective sigh of relief.  At least I thought we did. Burris now says he might still be in the running because he’s being urged by “people all over the country” to run.  What country? Which people? And by all over does he mean all over his house?  Caus’ we’re not buying it. 

That said, Marion Barry proved that some people could do anything and get reelected. And I guess being caught on tape negotiating the purchase of your senate seat, when compared to being caught on video smoking crack, is no big deal.  Nevertheless, right now most people, besides the ones in his basement encouraging him to run, just think he’s an idiot.  If by some miracle he’s actually elected to the position, we fear he’ll open his mouth one time too many and prove once and for all that he is.

If Marion Barry can get reelected after smoking crack…

William Jefferson with wife Andrea (AP Photo/Kevin Wolf)

William Jefferson with wife Andrea (AP Photo/Kevin Wolf)

…what’s $90,000 in a freezer?  At least that’s what the Rev. Aubrey Wallace, an assistant pastor and supporter of former Louisanna Congressman William Jefferson thinks.  Jefferson, the really bad polticial boss famously known for getting busted at home with $90,000 wrapped in foil and hidden in boxes of pie crust in his freezer, was convicted Wednesday of accepting $400,000 in bribes and seeking millions more for brokering business deals in Africa.  

The FBI has been investigating Jefferson since 2005 and found that the former congressman hid his crimes by disguising  bribe money as consulting fees “earned” through sham companies controlled by his wife and brother.   The prosecutor in the case says the 62 year old Jefferson could face more than 20 years in prison.

As is par for the course in these kinds of cases, despite a freezer full of evidence, Jefferson supporters are screaming conspiracy and citing his “good” work in the community.  We see it differently. When really bad political bosses commit crimes in the communities they purport to help, they irreparably damage those communities, regardless of the number of babies they kiss or kids’ programs they support.  It sends the wrong message to the children, and it says to the adults ‘you  deserve less than honest, law abiding representation from our country’s government. ‘  Essentially, it lowers the bar, and that’s a dangerous message to send to anyone, particularly those already underserved and disadvantaged.

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