Maybe she owes him money

Former DC Maryo Marion Barry
Former DC Maryo Marion Barry

Drugs, tax evasion and now stalking? Marion Barry determined to remain Really Bad Boss icon

Not content with being remembered as the mayor caught on tape smoking crack, former DC mayor Marion Barry was arrested last Saturday night for allegedly stalking a female companion. The woman who made the complaint dined with Barry earlier in the day, but apparently he was still hungry when he saw her again later that day at a July 4th celebration.  The woman flagged police officers down as she was driving and told them that Barry was chasing her in another car.  Barry was charged with misdemeanor stalking and released.  In fairness to Barry, he had not been smoking crack at the time of his arrest, although he is still on probation on federal charges resulting from him not paying his taxes EIGHT TIMES IN NINE YEARS.

Marion Barry deserves a Really Bad Boss Lifetime Achievement Award for his political contributions.  In fact, we might give him two. He set the bar for really bad political behavior which the likes of Blagojevich and his ilk have spent their entire political careers desperately attempting to fling themselves over.   You may remember Barry, who in 1990 was famously caught on tape smoking crack. As is par for the course with politicians, he initially denied wrong doing, and then claimed he’d been set up (because apparently it’s really easy to get a sitting mayor, who claims he’s never smoked crack to smoke crack, if you just ask him if he wants some…and hand him a lighter.)   After serving six months in federal prison, the mayor was actually reelected in 1994, going on to serve as mayor through 1999.  Seriously. It even says so in Wikipedia, and as a backup source, I’m old enough to remember it. During his tenure, crack became DC’s state flower (ok, I made that part up.) 

Barry’s spokesperson, Natalie Williams, said Barry was unavailable for comment on Sunday because he was in church all day. We’re taking up a collection to help him lease an entire pew and a VIP parking spot at the church. He needs them. 

You can read more about Barry’s arrest here. Submit your nominees for The Really Bad Boss Lifetime Achievement Award in the comment section after the jump.

A company will do well if you get rid of the chairs and computers

Really bad boss refuses chairs/Walk really fast (Source: dannychoo)
Really bad boss refuses chairs/Walk really fast (Source: dannychoo)

From the Really Bad and Crazy Boss files  – According to Hisashi Sakamaki, president of Japan’s Canon Electrics, chairs are a waste of time. So much so he removed them from his offices.  That’s right; his employees are not allowed to sit and must perform their duties while standing.  And, because that wasn’t bizarre enough, he also installed an alarm system in the hallway that triggers when employees walk slower than 5 meters (16′ 5″) every 3.6 seconds. 

Not satisfied with just inflicting his brand of crazy on his own  employees, Sakamaki has written a book.  A company will do well if you get rid of the chairs and computers,  available on Amazon, explains the virtues of chair and computer-less offices. I’ve yet to receive my copy of the book (because I never ordered it), but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Sakamaki also believes breaks, ice water and bathrooms are also wasteful and indulgent and has invented a strap on cooling/waste management/snack system that will allow workers to continue working while sipping water, eating snacks and relieving themselves.  If anyone orders the book, please let me know if that’s the case.

By the way, the wording on the blue sign on the floor reads “Lets rush – if we don’t then the company and world will perish.”  Seriously.

If you read Japanese and want to see the book on Amazon, click here.


Liar liar pants on fire

Rod and Roland - aka Pinky and the Brain

Rod and Roland - aka Pinky and the Brain

Not these two again- Rod Blagojevich and Roland Burris (aka Pinky and the Brain) are at it again – denying the obvious and doing their best to convince us that we are all deaf, dumb, and blind.  

Unfortunately for them, unlike the very special group of people who will continue to support their elected candidate, even after he’s caught on video smoking crack, the rest of us can smell a hot mess a mile away, even if it’s sporting a massive pompadour.  Burris, despite transcripts released Tuesday that reveal the exact opposite, continues to deny attempting to buy the vacant Chicago senate seat from Blagojevich.  The transcripts reveal Burris telling Rob Blagojevich, Pinky’s brother, that he’d  “personally do something” to help the governor’s campaign.  The transcripts also show Burris saying “I know I could give him a check… well we, we, I, I will personally do something, okay.”

Burris, says (in what we imagine is a very whiny, high pitched voice) that he realized after getting off the phone with Rob Blagojevich, that he couldn’t do it.  He said he couldn’t risk the appearance of impropriety.  It’s amazing that he didn’t realize that while on tape. Burris’ attorney is asking for a smoking gun, suggesting that the wiretaps don’t provide enough evidence to support the claims that Burris tried to buy the seat.  Apparently his attorney has forgotten (see deaf, dumb and blind reference above) that under oath, Burris denied ever having any conversations with any Blagojevich regarding the senate seat and money. Read the rest of this entry »

You might be a really bad boss if…

 So people are talking about and you’re laughing along with them and participating in the water cooler conversations when it dawns on you that you’re a boss yourself.  You start to wonder if your employees could be talking about you.  Not sure if you’re a really bad boss?  Here are five surefire ways to tell: You might be a really bad boss if…

  1. You inspire the creation of the website www.reallybadboss.comIf your actions and behavior are so mind numbingly ridiculous that they inspire the creation of a cottage industry based primarily on the asinine things you’ve said and done, you can rest assured…you’re a really bad boss.  
  2. Your turnover rate is 100%  – Ok, so maybe not 100%, but if people would rather make minimum wage dressed like  sandwiches/crustacean/ the statue of liberty and dance in the street in front of the local sandwich/seafood/tax preparation shop – in Arizona, in July – than work for you, you might be a really bad boss.
  3. The term “Bossnapping” is coined to describe what your employees have just done to you – Some French workers have taken their disgust at their really bad bosses too far. A rash of boss kidnappings – Bossnappings – have plagued France recently.  Worse, 45% of French people surveyed think that it’s ok.  Let’s hope Bossnapping doesn’t cross the ocean.  Felonies don’t look good on resumes.
  4. There has been at least one assassination (or coup) attempt on your life, and you work in, for example…the paper goods industry – Assassination attempts and coups are pretty common in some of the more volatile areas of the world where dissatisfaction with leadership is the norm and not the exception. But, Michael Scott notwithstanding, if you make paper or thumbtacks, or some very uncontroversial product and people are trying to depose you or have you forcibly removed from your position, you might be a really bad boss. 
  5. Someone quits live on the air – Arnetta the Moodsetta says it best. Click here for the audio.

Got something to add to the You might be a really bad boss list? Add it in the comment section after the jump.

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Monday morning mayhem…

Or how to survive getting  your really bad boss, really angry on a Monday morning

For years I wasted entire Sundays absolutely dreading Monday mornings.   The uneasy feeling would start to creep in on Saturday night, and by Sunday evening, I was a basket case.  For many of us Monday spells the end of the weekend, the start of the work week and a return to a real tool of a boss.  Facing a really bad boss on a typical Monday morning is bad enough, but it’s even worse when you’ve got to face him with bad news from something that happened over the weekend.  What could you possibly do over the weekend that would require you to give your boss bad news on Monday morning?  Glad you asked.   I crashed…no… totaled the car. The company car.  Did I mention I’d been on the job for only two weeks when it happened?  I challenge anyone to top that Monday morning story.  

Thankfully no one was injured in the accident.  I still remember the two block walk of shame to the office that morning, after a totally sleepless Sunday night.  As my new colleagues sped by me on their way to work, I sensed more than saw them looking at me in their rear view mirrors wandering why the new girl was walking to work.   Read the rest of this entry »

I just got indicted…I’m going to Disney World!

really bad blagoRacketeering, conspiracy, wire fraud. Just another day in the life of impeached former Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich.  Here at Really bad boss, we love Blago almost as much as we love Kwame Kilpatrick.  If not for men like this, we wouldn’t have anything to blog about in our political category. Charged with caring for the concerns of his Illinois constituency, the disgraced former Governor instead was, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office, the mastermind behind a “scheme to deprive the people of Illinois of honest government.”  Shady government officials are no longer uncommon, or for that matter, shocking. But what makes Blago such fodder for Really bad boss is his complete arrogance.  Like Kilpatrick, he insists, even in the face of pretty strong evidence to the contrary, that he has done nothing wrong.  Prosecutors, the U.S. Attorney’s office and everyone else in America who saw the transcripts of the wiretaps where Blago referred to Obama as a “mother***er”, and where he referred to the senate seat as a “ f***ing” valuable thing,” are all out to get him. We also hurt his feelings when we questioned his hasty appointment of Ronald Burris to the then vacant senate seat.

 In the meantime, he’s so torn up, he’s hosted a Chicago radio show, signed a reported six figure book deal and was at Disney World with his family when the indictments came down yesterday.  There really are different rules for the rest of us.

Really bad…tourists

starfish on the beachOk, so this could technically be considered off topic, but we couldn’t resist.  And since these people were in charge of  their own lives and vacations, we’ll consider them bosses just for today.  Telegraph online posted the top 20 most ridiculous complaints made by vacationers as told to their travel agents.  Our top five personal favorites:

  • “The beach was too sandy”
  • “No one told us there would be fish in the sea. The children were startled”
  • “There are too many Spanish people. The receptionist speaks Spanish. The food is Spanish. Too many foreigners”
  • “I was bitten by a mosquito – No one said they could bite”
  • “On my holiday to Goa in India, I was disgusted to find that almost every restaurant served curry. I don’t like spicy food at all”

Read the entire list at Telegraph.