Bye, Bye Excel and I – Girl quits job at Microsoft with lyrically genius song…

If only I had her lyrical stylings…

Really Bad Boss – The Best of 2010

One of my faves from August and one of the best ways to quit I’ve seen in a while – This one isn’t quite as dramatic as the flight attendant who flew the coop, or Arnetta the Moodsetta‘s on air meltdown, but if it’s real, it’s pretty clever.

Jenny works, correction worked, for a jerk. Apparently she’s had enough, and decided to quit with the assistance of  messages on a dry erase board.  Here’s how Jenny quit her jerk of a bad boss. P.S. She emailed it to the entire office! (Images via


girl quits job 2


girl quits job 2


girl quits job 3

See the rest of Jenny’s dry erase board resignation here

The Really Bad Boss Friday Flashback – don’t try this at work

In this oldie but goodie, radio DJ, “Arnetta the Moodsetta” of WBLX-FM in Mobile, Alabama quit her job…live on the air.

Friday Flashback: Arnetta the moodsetta quits. Live on the air.

Fed up with your job?  I wouldn’t recommend quitting in this economy, but a few years ago Arnetta the moodsetta, a DJ on WBLX-FM in Mobile, Alabama did just that.  Live on the air.