Rod Blagojevich is still delusional – wants to know “What happened?”

Rod Blagojevich (AP Photo/Seth Perlman, File)

What happened is that something finally, triumphantly, penetrated that Teflon hair and attitude of yours Blago. After deliberating for 9 days, a jury found the former Illinois Governor guilty on 17 corruption-related charges. The charges include trying to sell President Obama’s former Senate seat. NBC reports:

Blagojevich had faced 20 charges, including the Senate seat allegation and that he schemed to shake down executives for campaign donations. He was convicted on all charges regarding the Senate seat. According to Chicago Tribune reporter Stacy St. Clair, Blagojevich turned to his wife Patti and whispered “I love you” after the verdict was read. Patti kept shaking her head and remained seated as the jury exited the trial room. Blagojevich is reportedly “stunned.”

Blagojevich, who’s spent the past two years proclaiming his innocence to anyone who would listen and trying his hand at reality TV, says he’s “stunned” by the verdict.

Immediately after it was read, Blagojevich turned to his attorney and asked “What happened?” U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald knows what happened. He had this to say after the verdict, “The jury sent a loud and clear message that Governor Blagojevich committed very serious crimes shaking down a children’s hospital, trying to sell a Senate seat and demanding cash campaign contributions in advance before signing a bill.”

Read the full recount of the verdict and Blagojevich’s reaction here. Catch up on our love-hate relationship with the former governor and other RBB politicians here.

4 minutes

In the wake of mounting calls for his resignation and after first denying he sent dirty pictures, then admitting he sent them, and then us finding out he actually sent quite a few, Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress yesterday. It took four minutes, and thankfully, his pregnant wife was not standing (at least literally) by his side.

As only New Yorkers can do, Weiner’s four minute speech was punctuated by hecklers, including the witty, “Is it really seven inches?” Classy.

IMHO, it wasn’t so much the texting and the pics as it was the lying. His willingness to throw a fictitious Twitter hacker under the bus, along with his heartfelt denials of something he knew to be true, in the end, proved to be too much.  Here’s, hopefully, the last four minutes we’ll see of Weinergate for a while…


Weinergate escalates


After repeatedly denying that this was him, New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner confessed today that that was him ( a part of him anyway), and so is this.  And he’s ashamed. And he’s not quitting.

Weiner admitted hat he had, contrary to previous ranting denials, tweeted a picture of himself … his shorts exactly… to a woman. He also admitted that he’d been involved in “inappropriate” exchanges with several women before and after getting married.

In a press conference today Weiner said he was deeply ashamed, that it was “a dumb thing to do” and of course, reminiscent of another political confession, wept.

Radar online is now reporting that a woman claims to have 200 sexually explicit messages from Weiner, sent through a now inactive Facebook account.  So why deny all this in the first place, when there’s photo evidence in the blogosphere?  I’m not sure if we’ll ever know, but  check out Weiner’s teary-eyed press conference here

Liar liar pants on fire

The website is a project from the St. Petersburg Times created to help us common folk find the truth in politics. Impossible you say? Maybe not with PolitiFact’s help. Each day reporters and fact checkers from the Times review statements made by politicians, TV commentators and the like, review their statements and rate their accuracy. If you’ve been reading this site for any length of time you know that we think bad politicians are the worse kind of bosses. They’re pushy, power hungry, manipulative liars. PolitiFact’s goal is to shake out the truth tellers and encourage more transparency. Here’s a list of a few of the politicians reviewed on PolitiFact with the worst rating – Pants on Fire!

Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y

Ed Schultz – “Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu received almost $1.8 million from BP over the last decade.” Truth: $1.8 million? More like $25,200. Ed Schultz is the host of the Ed Show on MSNBC.

Bill O’Reilly – “We researched to find out if anybody on Fox News had ever said you’re going to jail if you don’t buy health insurance. Nobody’s ever said it.” Truth: Apparently, the research wasn’t thorough enough. Bill O’Reilly hosts “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News.

John McCain – “I never considered myself a maverick.” Truth: Except for all those times he called himself a maverick.

Charles Rangel – “I’m glad for the wording of it (an ethics report on corporate-sponsored Congressional trips) because clearly the wording exonerates me. Truth: Not according to our dictionary. Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y, is chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Scott Brown – “The stimulus bill “didn’t create one new job.” Truth: Despite grim employment numbers, the stimulus has created jobs. Scott Brown is a Republican U.S. senator from Massachusetts.

See more PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter ratings here.

Guess who won’t BRB? Kwame’s going to prison

Back when we had the time to cover much of the mayhem going on with our fine elected officials, infamous sex-ter and former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was one of our faves. Why? Because he made it so easy.

First he cheated, then he lied about cheating, then he lied about lying. Then he got busted through the release of a series of explicit text messages sent to the very chief of staff he’d sworn he wasn’t having an affair with.

Well yesterday Kilpatrick learned that he was going to prison for up to five years for violating the terms of his probation stemming from his conviction for lying under oath. As part of the probation agreement, Kilpatrick had been ordered to pay the city $1 million. Judge David Groner ruled last month that Kilpatrick failed to report all of his assets. In court Tuesday, the judge admonished Kilpatrick saying, “Your continued attempt to cast yourself as the victim, your lack of forthrightness, your lack of contriteness and lack of humility … clearly rehabilitation has failed.”

Kilpatrick pled his case, citing “confusion” over the written orders he’d been given as his reason for not adhering to them. The judge wasn’t buying it, and neither are we. If the former mayor of Detroit didn’t understand the terms of his probation, couldn’t he have just sent someone a text? Kwame, tell your story walking…straight into your prison cell.

Source: Associated Press

Former Dekalb County CEO created hostile work environment

Last week a Dekalb County, Georgia jury awarded more than $180,000 in damages to former managers in the county’s Parks and Recreation department who’d charged the county’s first black CEO, Vernon Jones with reverse discrimination.

The suit was brought by three white managers and a fourth former employee, who is black, who claimed he was fired for refusing to “dig up dirt” on his white colleagues. Damages were awarded to only two of the plaintiffs: Michael Bryant, who died in February, and John Drake, both former deputy directors of the parks department. The jury did not award any damages to former parks director Becky Kelley or Herbert Lowe, a former deputy in the parks department.

The group alleged that Jones orchestrated a scheme to replace three top white managers in the parks department with blacks. Jones, who is now running for Congress, was Dekalb County’s CEO from 2001 to 2009. His tenure was controversial but he garnered loyal support from many of his constituents. Many who worked for Jones though, labeled him a bully boss, arrogant and often condescending.

Trial testimony presented by the prosecution showed the county had 33 black and 61 white top managers when Jones first took office, but had 60 blacks and 57 whites five years later. For his part, Jones denied discriminating against his employees and even went on to compare himself to President Obama.

Read full trial coverage here.

The Best of Really Bad Boss 2009 – Cheating politicians

For the next couple of weeks, Really Bad Boss will be reposting our most popular and commented on bad boss stories of 2009. Today, we’ll highlight some of the best bad political boss stories of the year. From Mark Sanford to Kwame Kilpatrick, some politicians went to great lengths to unsuccessfully cover up secret lives…

too late for regrets Text and the City – Embarrassing text messages between Kwame Kilpatric (Detroit, Michigan mayor) and former mayoral chief of staff Christine Beatty (not his wife) were made public yesterday.  We are really big fans of Kwame Kilpatric.  Why?  Besides the fact that he gives us so much to work with,  the only thing worse than a really bad boss is a really bad boss who doesn’t know when to sit down and shut up.  After weeks of vehemently denying the affair, perjuring himself in court  and refusing to resign even though EVERYONE KNEW HE WAS LYING, prosecutors revealed the existence of  the text messages that would ultimately seal his fate.  Now that the messages have been made public, they reveal quite a few salty exchanges between the two. Nice mayoral conduct Kwame and yet another example of bosses behaving badly.  To read the nastiness in detail, click here.

Don’t cry for me Argentina – Well, as we reported yesterday, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was indeed in Argentina, trying to get his groove back.  In an emotional, tear filled press conference, Sanford (ironically tanned) apologized to his wife, his children and, it seems, to everyone else in the world.  Sanford, unlike many other of his ilk didn’t deny having the affair and came clean about it before evidence surfaced that would prove he was lying (think Kilpatrick, Edwards).  We can argue ad nauseam about whether or not unfaithful politicians should continue to be trusted by their constituents, but in Sanford’s case, what’s unarguable is his M.I.A  routine. You can’t just go AWOL because you feel a sudden urge to get your groove on.   Abandoning your office – even temporarily – without alerting your staff or your family, is inexcusable and cause for serious questioning of your mental stability.

I’m not a South Carolina resident, and ultimately the decision lies with them.  But in our opinion, Sanford’s disappearing act is a surefire sign of a Really Bad Boss.

This is happening waaaay too often – These politicians are keeping me busy. Last week while I was lollygagging about up north minding my own business, yet another Senator admitted to having sexay times with someone other than his wife, practically begging me to write about him here.

This time the senator was 47 year old Paul Stanley (R-TN), and his “indiscretion” was with a 22 year old intern.  The conservative Republican (of course) and abstinence only supporter (of course, of course), admitted to having a sexual relationship with his intern.  After much soul searching the senator decided to come clean because his conscience wouldn’t allow him to continue with the hypocrisy.  NOT.  What really happened was the intern’s boyfriend got a hold of some nudie pictures the senator took of his girlfriend and tried to blackmail him.  It was only then that the Senator saw the light and fessed up about the affair to local authorities, stopping the blackmailer in his tracks.  The boyfriend is now charged with trying to extort $10,000 from the senator.  And the senator has joined our growing list of political Really Bad Bosses.

As if the whole sordid tale wasn’t bad enough, guess how Stanley met his current wife? You guessed it, she was once his intern.  Read the entire hot mess of a story here.

Tomorrow: Affairs weren’t the only deception by politician’s in 2009

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