A company will do well if you get rid of the chairs and computers

Really bad boss refuses chairs/Walk really fast (Source: dannychoo)
Really bad boss refuses chairs/Walk really fast (Source: dannychoo)

From the Really Bad and Crazy Boss files  – According to Hisashi Sakamaki, president of Japan’s Canon Electrics, chairs are a waste of time. So much so he removed them from his offices.  That’s right; his employees are not allowed to sit and must perform their duties while standing.  And, because that wasn’t bizarre enough, he also installed an alarm system in the hallway that triggers when employees walk slower than 5 meters (16′ 5″) every 3.6 seconds. 

Not satisfied with just inflicting his brand of crazy on his own  employees, Sakamaki has written a book.  A company will do well if you get rid of the chairs and computers,  available on Amazon, explains the virtues of chair and computer-less offices. I’ve yet to receive my copy of the book (because I never ordered it), but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Sakamaki also believes breaks, ice water and bathrooms are also wasteful and indulgent and has invented a strap on cooling/waste management/snack system that will allow workers to continue working while sipping water, eating snacks and relieving themselves.  If anyone orders the book, please let me know if that’s the case.

By the way, the wording on the blue sign on the floor reads “Lets rush – if we don’t then the company and world will perish.”  Seriously.

If you read Japanese and want to see the book on Amazon, click here.

Source: dannychoo.com 

Brilliantly stupid Boss…

Sandra Boss in court (AP Photo/Bill Greene, Pool)

Sandra Boss in court (AP Photo/Bill Greene, Pool)

…is how Sandra Boss, the Harvard educated ex-wife of Rockefeller perpetrator Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, explains staying married to a man who she says withheld food and kept her a mental prisoner throughout their 12 year marriage.  Gerhartsreiter, who’s on trial for kidnapping the couple’s 7 year old daughter last year, spent his entire adult life pretending to be someone else, the most famous of which was Clark Rockefeller, heir to the Rockefeller legacy. 

Details of the bizarre marriage included Boss’ claims that although she was the family’s breadwinner, earning $2 million a year as a highly sought after business consultant, her husband managed their finances, and controlled all of the money.  So much so that she “woke up hungry most nights.” Boss said her husband would become verbally abusive and threaten to take their daughter if she ever tried to leave him.  

When asked by Gerhartsreiter’s defense attorney how a seemingly brilliant, highly paid woman could fall for the tall tales of an imposter, Boss said “… it’s possible that one can be brilliant and amazing in one area of one’s life and pretty stupid in another.”  I’ll say. Let’s hope Boss did better for her clients than she did for herself.

Source: The Associated Press

The taxman cometh – but not for all

When it comes to paying taxes, several lawmakers deemed “serial non-filers”

In honor of April 15th, I thought I’d cover a topic that’s been getting quite a bit of press lately, and that is the failure of some lawmakers to pay their taxes.  In Georgia and Oklahoma City, there’s been talk of enacting laws that would identify and penalize lawmakers who don’t pay their taxes.  A reported 10%, or 22 members of Georgia’s general assembly were deemed “serial non-filers,”  meaning they’ve made a habit of not filing their taxes.  Because taxpayer names are kept confidential, Georgia constituents have no idea who these serial non-filers are.  Oklahoma City reports that 2 lawmakers in the last 15 months have mishandled their taxes.

Call me anal, but I come from the school of thought that lawmakers should keep rather than break the laws.  Furthermore, if I can be penalized for not paying my taxes, they certainly should be too.  If you can’t keep the laws, you probably shouldn’t be in charge of creating them.

Horses with hair extensions – an homage to my really bad boss

Photo: Barcroft Media

Photo: Barcroft Media

  Something to make you smile on Monday

Remember when I told you about the really bad boss I had with the massive ponytail hair extension.  I fantasized about snatching it off her head and dunking it into her 64oz Big Gulp.  Well someone had the idea to style actual horses hair and photograph it.  See some of the pics and the full story here.  If only my boss’ extensions had looked this good. 

P.S.  I know there’s a horses ass joke in there somewhere…but I just can’t find it right now.