86 year old Indian politician involved in sex scandal

Narayan_Dutt_Tiwari_300 Move over Mark Sanford. Kwame Kilpatrick take note. Despite media coverage to the contrary, American politicians do not hold the market on licentious, really bad political boss behavior. Last week, this old coot to the left, 86 year old Gov. Narain Dutt Tiwari, resigned after a tape allegedly showing him in bed with three women was released. Tiwari cited health reasons for resigning, apparently not realizing the irony in being too weak to govern, but well enough to romp in bed with three women.

As is par for the course in these kinds of cases, Tiwari is denying his involvement in the tryst. His aide in a written statement claims “The news channel report is fabricated, false and malicious to tarnish the image of the governor.” After the tape was shown on television, women’s groups protested, demanding Tiwari’s resignation. As if the tapes weren’t salacious enough, the women seen on the tape were said to have been brought to the governor by a fourth woman who was reportedly promised a mining lease by the governor in return for sexual favors. The woman said she exposed Tiwari through a sting operation when he failed to keep his promise.

It’s not customary for the Indian news media to reveal these kinds of indiscretions amongst their politicians, but this one apparently riled someone enough to break with standard practice. Personally, we think it has something to do with the shock value involved in seeing an 86 year old in bed with 3 women. Read more about the 86 year old stud at the Daily Mail.

A company will do well if you get rid of the chairs and computers

Really bad boss refuses chairs/Walk really fast (Source: dannychoo)
Really bad boss refuses chairs/Walk really fast (Source: dannychoo)

From the Really Bad and Crazy Boss files  – According to Hisashi Sakamaki, president of Japan’s Canon Electrics, chairs are a waste of time. So much so he removed them from his offices.  That’s right; his employees are not allowed to sit and must perform their duties while standing.  And, because that wasn’t bizarre enough, he also installed an alarm system in the hallway that triggers when employees walk slower than 5 meters (16′ 5″) every 3.6 seconds. 

Not satisfied with just inflicting his brand of crazy on his own  employees, Sakamaki has written a book.  A company will do well if you get rid of the chairs and computers,  available on Amazon, explains the virtues of chair and computer-less offices. I’ve yet to receive my copy of the book (because I never ordered it), but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Sakamaki also believes breaks, ice water and bathrooms are also wasteful and indulgent and has invented a strap on cooling/waste management/snack system that will allow workers to continue working while sipping water, eating snacks and relieving themselves.  If anyone orders the book, please let me know if that’s the case.

By the way, the wording on the blue sign on the floor reads “Lets rush – if we don’t then the company and world will perish.”  Seriously.

If you read Japanese and want to see the book on Amazon, click here.

Source: dannychoo.com 


Protesting workers at the Scapa factory in France. Photograph: Laurent Cipriana/AP

Protesting workers at the Scapa factory in France. Photograph: Laurent Cipriana/AP

People are starting to take their boss revenge fantasies way too seriously. 

I read a story yesterday about a poll taken in France where 45% of people polled felt it was ok for workers facing layoffs to take their bosses hostage.  Aside from the obvious downside of having to spend even more time with the boss than normal, the whole illegality of the act, you would think, might be a major deterrent as well.  Not so much for some French workers it seems.  Apparently there’s been a recent rash of what’s now been termed “bossnapping,” in France.  One incident even involved a French billionaire trapped in a taxi for about an hour before riot police came to his rescue.

I’ve never entertained fantasies about kidnapping any of my bosses.  Besides the fact that I am very afraid of prison and try to avoid activities that will land me in one, kidnapping involves a degree of sinister planning and detail for which I have neither the time nor patience.  While I’ve never fantasized about kidnapping, I have had several fantasies that involved me interrupting any one of my bad bosses during one of their ridiculous tirades.  There were times during meetings that I’d get that dazed look in my eyes as any one of a number of asinine ideas erupted from my boss’ mouth. Looking around, I knew that everyone was thinking the same thing that I was, “Please… Shut up and sit-down.”  But of course, none of us ever said it.  Instead I daydreamed about slamming my hands down on the conference table, standing up Norma Rae style, and letting it rip.  My daydream smack-down would start off by me telling him, that we all, without exception, thought that he was the biggest ass goingRead the rest of this entry »