In this video, the role of the really bad boss is being played by the guy in dark blue

The Really Bad Boss Friday Funny 

If I had a dollar for every fantasy I’ve had that involved slapping my really bad boss so hard he flew out of his chair, I’d be rich. What economic crisis? 

In my fantasy, I’m the guy in the white shirt, and my really bad boss is in blue.  In reality, this is supposedly a teacher-student interaction. For the record, if I was posting this as an article, the really bad boss in this scenario would be the teacher.  Slapping the hell out of your student is a no-no, no matter how disruptive he’s being.  I bet you the other guy is really happy his teacher is right handed!

The Michael Scott School of Management

Classes begin today. First course? Political Correctness 101. We can learn so much from our favorite Really Bad TV boss.  In this clip from The Office, Michael gives us a lesson on political correctness.  When it comes to Michael Scott, watch everything he does then do the exact opposite.

You might be a really bad boss if…

 So people are talking about and you’re laughing along with them and participating in the water cooler conversations when it dawns on you that you’re a boss yourself.  You start to wonder if your employees could be talking about you.  Not sure if you’re a really bad boss?  Here are five surefire ways to tell: You might be a really bad boss if…

  1. You inspire the creation of the website www.reallybadboss.comIf your actions and behavior are so mind numbingly ridiculous that they inspire the creation of a cottage industry based primarily on the asinine things you’ve said and done, you can rest assured…you’re a really bad boss.  
  2. Your turnover rate is 100%  – Ok, so maybe not 100%, but if people would rather make minimum wage dressed like  sandwiches/crustacean/ the statue of liberty and dance in the street in front of the local sandwich/seafood/tax preparation shop – in Arizona, in July – than work for you, you might be a really bad boss.
  3. The term “Bossnapping” is coined to describe what your employees have just done to you – Some French workers have taken their disgust at their really bad bosses too far. A rash of boss kidnappings – Bossnappings – have plagued France recently.  Worse, 45% of French people surveyed think that it’s ok.  Let’s hope Bossnapping doesn’t cross the ocean.  Felonies don’t look good on resumes.
  4. There has been at least one assassination (or coup) attempt on your life, and you work in, for example…the paper goods industry – Assassination attempts and coups are pretty common in some of the more volatile areas of the world where dissatisfaction with leadership is the norm and not the exception. But, Michael Scott notwithstanding, if you make paper or thumbtacks, or some very uncontroversial product and people are trying to depose you or have you forcibly removed from your position, you might be a really bad boss. 
  5. Someone quits live on the air – Arnetta the Moodsetta says it best. Click here for the audio.

Got something to add to the You might be a really bad boss list? Add it in the comment section after the jump.

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The really bad boss trifecta – and it involves Blagojevich…again

Laughing all the way to te bank - REUTERS/Frank Polich

Laughing all the way to the bank - REUTERS/Frank Polich

I think I’m going to have to name a blog category after Blagojevich.  In a prime example of what’s wrong with America today, our second favorite really bad boss in the political arena – Kwame Kilpatrick being our first – is at it again.  Just hours after pleading not guilty to the federal charges against him, I hear that he’s trying to get himself on a reality show called “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!” The show takes a group of D-list celebrities to a jungle and leaves them there.  Apparently mayhem ensues, and we are thereby entertained.  Is it wrong to hope they all get scabies?  Blagojevich is in line to make $80,000…an episode! That right there is a really bad boss gold mine and sets the stage for the really bad boss trifecta:

1.  Bad bosses making a killing off of their really bad behavior.  We already  Blago because he gives us soooo much to work with. Now he’s poised to make $80k an episode – for being a liar, and a cheat.  Nice. Really nice. Read the rest of this entry »

This just in – Rod Blagojevich is still a tool

Blago arriving in court Tuesday (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Blago at court on Tuesday (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

From the Who didn’t see this one coming file - another really bad boss denying all wrongdoing

You know how much we love Blago right?  Well today we fell in love all over again as he pleaded not guilty to 16 federal criminal charges.  Blagojevich, hair perfectly in place, looked relaxed and confident as he entered his not guilty plea at the Dirksen Federal Building in Chicago.  Blago said he was “saddened and hurt…” by the indictment, and then told reporters to go f*** themselves.  No, he didn’t actually say the last part, or at least he wasn’t caught on camera saying it.  But  when all this drama began four months ago, he was heard on tape referring to now President Obama, as a “m***** f*****,” so cursing at reporters would certainly not be out of character for him.

As you know from our ongoing love affair with Kwame Kilpatrick, the only thing we love more than a really bad boss, is a really bad boss who, even when caught on tape, still denies any wrong doing.  It comes as absolutely no surprise to us that this pillar of the community continues to deny attempting to auction the, then vacant, Illinois senate seat to the highest bidder.  

When Blagojevich finally does admit to some wrong doing, we’ll be sure to cover it here, along with the breaking news of pigs flying and hell freezing over.

Horses with hair extensions – an homage to my really bad boss

Photo: Barcroft Media

Photo: Barcroft Media

  Something to make you smile on Monday

Remember when I told you about the really bad boss I had with the massive ponytail hair extension.  I fantasized about snatching it off her head and dunking it into her 64oz Big Gulp.  Well someone had the idea to style actual horses hair and photograph it.  See some of the pics and the full story here.  If only my boss’ extensions had looked this good. 

P.S.  I know there’s a horses ass joke in there somewhere…but I just can’t find it right now.

Monday morning mayhem…

Or how to survive getting  your really bad boss, really angry on a Monday morning

For years I wasted entire Sundays absolutely dreading Monday mornings.   The uneasy feeling would start to creep in on Saturday night, and by Sunday evening, I was a basket case.  For many of us Monday spells the end of the weekend, the start of the work week and a return to a real tool of a boss.  Facing a really bad boss on a typical Monday morning is bad enough, but it’s even worse when you’ve got to face him with bad news from something that happened over the weekend.  What could you possibly do over the weekend that would require you to give your boss bad news on Monday morning?  Glad you asked.   I crashed…no… totaled the car. The company car.  Did I mention I’d been on the job for only two weeks when it happened?  I challenge anyone to top that Monday morning story.  

Thankfully no one was injured in the accident.  I still remember the two block walk of shame to the office that morning, after a totally sleepless Sunday night.  As my new colleagues sped by me on their way to work, I sensed more than saw them looking at me in their rear view mirrors wandering why the new girl was walking to work.   Read the rest of this entry »

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