When bad boss behavior endangers lives

Bosses who go around conducting clandestine trash can searches, pantyhose inspections and  national sales meetings loaded, are pretty bad. But at least they don’t endanger lives. Not so with the boss of a West Virginia coal mine. According to fireboss, John Renner, his supervisor told him that regardless of ventilation issues, Renner was to evacuate the mine only if a federal inspector was watching.

As fire boss of Patriot Coal Corp’s Federal No. 2 Mine, Renner’s job was to monitor methane and oxygen and determine whether the methane had reached dangerous levels. Federal law requires that either the area be ventilated or the mine evacuated if levels exceed a certain reading. The government has required this type of monitoring since a 2006 methane explosion in a mine killed 12 men.

But Renner says that the first time he evacuated the mines after getting an above normal reading, foreman supervisor, Randy Coffindaffer, berated him for the evacuation, asking him “Do you know how much money you’re costing this company right now, evacuating it?”  Renner says he was “cussed” and “screamed’ at and told by Coffindaffer that he was “never, ever, under any circumstances” to evacuate unless a federal inspector was present. Fearful of losing his job, Renner relented. As a result, he’s been charged with falsifying inspection reports and is expected to plead guilty Wednesday in the U.S. District Court in Clarksburg.

Renner is cooperating with authorities, and in recordings made during meetings with state officials can be heard speaking about having panic attacks, consulting with a psychiatrist and taking medication to deal with job related stress. Associated Press attempts to speak to Coffindaffer were unsuccessful and there’s no word on whether he’s still working for Patriot Coal.

Renner was obviously wrong for falsifying reports and putting miners’ lives at risks. But Coffindaffer and the management team that allowed him to bully Renner into doing it, must also be held accountable. Despite CBS’ “Undercover Boss”, I refuse to believe that most bosses are unaware when their management team is cutting corners, cheating and endangering lives. I’m just not buying it. I hope Renner’s testimony helps put Coffindaffer behind bars for a long time. Harsh? Not harsh enough if you ask me.

The Washington Examiner has the full story here.

The best of Really Bad Boss 2009 – Shady politicians

Cheating on their wives wasn’t the only bad thing politicians and elected officials were caught doing in 2009. From judges operating above the law to mayors creating their own, 2009 was a banner year for political stupidity…

Judge Sam Kent’s law and major disorder

Just when we thought Rod Blagojevich was the biggest tool going, US District Judge Sam Kent literally and figuratively takes the title.  The 6′4″, 250 pound judge is disgusting.  He’s not just disgusting because he sexually harassed and tormented the female members of his Galveston, Texas courthouse for years – fondling them in the hallways, forcing one assistant’s head into his crotch and forcing his mouth unto another.  And, he’s not just disgusting because he was frequently drunk on the job.  Even alternately calling himself ‘the emperor of Galveston’, ‘the government’ and (insulting wildlife everywhere,) ‘the lion king’ wasn’t disgusting enough.  No, Kent is disgusting and deserves the Tool of the Week award because:

  • In keeping with true Really Bad Boss behavior Kent first denied the sexual assaults claiming that the sexual contact was consensual. When he finally confessed, it was in a plea bargain that gave him a 33 month prison sentence for obstruction with the sexual misconduct charges being completely dropped.
  • After initially denying the sexual assaults, Kent eventually blamed his behavior on “difficulties dealing with the death of his first wife and other issues.”

Read more about why Kent won our tool of the week award here

This just in – Rod Blagojevich is still a tool. You know how much we love Blago right?  Well today we fell in love all over again as he pleaded not guilty to 16 federal criminal charges.  Blagojevich, hair perfectly in place, looked relaxed and confident as he entered his not guilty plea at the Dirksen Federal Building in Chicago.  Blago said he was ”saddened and hurt…” by the indictment, and then told reporters to go f*** themselves.  No, he didn’t actually say the last part, or at least he wasn’t caught on camera saying it.  But  when all this drama began four months ago, he was heard on tape referring to now President Obama, as a “m***** f*****,” so cursing at reporters would certainly not be out of character for him.

As you know from our ongoing love affair with Kwame Kilpatrick, the only thing we love more than a really bad boss, is a really bad boss who, even when caught on tape, still denies any wrong doing.  It comes as absolutely no surprise to us that this pillar of the community continues to deny attempting to auction the, then vacant, Illinois senate seat to the highest bidder.

When Blagojevich finally does admit to some wrong doing, we’ll be sure to cover it here, along with the breaking news of pigs flying and hell freezing over.

We’re not buying it. No list that includes Rod Blagojevich is complete without Roland Burris. Burris still insists he didn’t try to buy his senate seat from Blagojevich. We didn’t believe him then, we don’t believe him now. Here’s how we saw it back in August.

A couple of weeks ago, Roland “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing” Burris, hinted at not running to retain the senate seat Blagojevich tried to sell him gave him.  We all breathed a collective sigh of relief.  At least I thought we did. Burris now says he might still be in the running because he’s being urged by “people all over the country” to run.  What country? Which people? And by all over does he mean all over his house?  Caus’ we’re not buying it.

That said, Marion Barry proved that some people could do anything and get reelected. And I guess being caught on tape negotiating the purchase of your senate seat, when compared to being caught on video smoking crack, is no big deal.  Nevertheless, right now most people, besides the ones in his basement encouraging him to run, just think he’s an idiot.  If by some miracle he’s actually elected to the position, we fear he’ll open his mouth one time too many and prove once and for all that he is.

What do you get when you mix two prostitutes and a former Republicangary skoien party chair? A  beat-down. A politician can usually talk himself out of anything…except that is, a beat-down from his wife who’s  just caught him with two prostitutes.  Former Cook county Republican Party chair Gary Skoien denies he was with two prostitutes at around 1:00am last Sunday.  His wife begs to differ and police reports state she allegedly beat him (embellishment mine) after finding him at home in their children’s playroom with two women.  Skoien claims the police report is wrong and that he’s working on correcting it.  By correcting it he means denying it ever happened.

Editor’s note: Buck Hamilton’s Weekly Series, Managing the Meanies, will return  with all new posts on Tuesday, January 5th.

The Stewart Heath Saga continues

stewart heath I first wrote about Stewart Heath back in August. Heath was the CEO of Equity Reality Estate who pulled a gun on his employee after the employee confronted him about a bounced payroll check. Since that story, I’ve received several comments and updates regarding other illegal activity Heath was allegedly involved in, including stealing thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims.  Here’s the latest update from our comment thread.

somemore 2 days ago

I just called the FRANKLIN POLICE DEPT., said I needed to file a complaint against Stewart Heath, after explaining who Stewart Heath was, the person said “oh yeah, you need to speak with Det. Dixon”, left vm, Franklin PD number is 615-794-2513

Hope 2 days ago

Thanks so much, “somemore”…I just had a wonderful conversation with the delightful Det. Dixon. He really cares!! He told me to spread his name and number around. He’s seriously building a case on the little weasel! As he said, he can’t say we’ll ever see our money again, but he imagines seeing the evil little ba**ard get his due might make us all feel a little better. I feel better just knowing that someone down there gives a damn! “somemore”, are you the lady from Ohio he spoke to a little while ago?

somemore 2 days ago

Yes, I am. I called another lady down in Atlanta who Heath owes thousands
to. I know of at least 4 others who I need to spread the word to tonight.
After I read everything, I guess I could call myself lucky. Heath only
owes me the renter’s deposit and my maintenance fee. My husband and I
drove down to Nashville two months in a row to get our June and July
deposits. I definitely would like to see him get his due as well.

If you have any additional information about Stewart Heath, please share them in the comment section or email me at denised@reallybadboss.com. I’ll be sure to get the word out. To see the original comment thread, click here.

You might be a really bad boss if…

ups store You’re the manager of a UPS store, you receive a package containing marijuana, and instead of contacting the authorities or alerting your own manager, you sell it. You might be a really bad boss and a really stupid one if you knew in advance that authorities had been expecting the package, but decided to sell it anyway.

Atlanta based UPS manager turned drug dealer, Anna Wright, was arrested last Friday on charges of making false statements to federal agents. Why that charge? Turns out the 33 year old Wright had previously been alerted by US Postal Inspectors that a certain mail box in her store might receive a package containing contraband. Wright agreed to contact the inspectors if and when the store received the package. But authorities say that instead of alerting inspectors, Wright stole the package containing several pounds of marijuana and sold the drugs for profit.

In addition to selling drugs, Wright is charged with theft and lying to authorities. The charges each carry a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000. I hope she made enough from the sale to pay for a lawyer. She’s going to need one.

Source: WSBTV Atlanta

Stewart Heath just won’t go away

About a month ago, I ran a story about Stewart Heath, a boss who was arrested after pulling a gun on his employees…

Stewart Heath - CEO Equity Reality Estate

Stewart Heath

You might be a Really Bad Boss if You pull a gun on your employeeafter he confronts you…for giving him a bad check.  Last Friday the pressures of a mounting FBI investigation and a $1.1 million judgment against him for questionable real estate dealings, got the best of  Stewart Heath, CEO of Equity Reality Estate.  After two days of FBI agents hauling boxes out of his office and a confrontation with an employee about a bounced payroll check, Heath pulled a gun on the employee.  The employee managed to get out of the building and call 911 from the parking lot. When the police arrived, they were able to talk Heath into surrendering.   Heath was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

Well, in addition to the usual comments confirming that Heath was as bad as they get, I’ve gotten several comments about Heath flat out stealing thousands of dollars from people. The most recent comment from a reader gave some details about her attempt to involve the authorities:

  • I spoke to the Franklin PD and they told me I had to report it to Mt. Juliet PD and Nashville Metro because they have jurisdiction over my two properties. I spoke with both offices and they informed me that they couldn’t take a report – our case is civil not criminal. I asked them if fraud was not a crime…got no where. Also left a voice mail for the TBI agent handling the case – to date, he has not returned my call. If anyone has found anyone in a position of authority who has at least taken names of the victims, please let me know!

If you have any information on Stewart Heath and mounting a case against him, please leave that information in this comment thread, or the original thread located here.

I beat her so hard I forgot about it?

Yeah, ummm, I don’t know Chris.  Really Bad Boss is all about people in charge, taking responsibility for their actions.  Parents raising their kids well, politicians honoring their promises to their constituencies (and wives), and entertainers (often role models for legions of teen fans) taking responsibility for their actions.

Like the rest of the country, well the rest of the country who cared, we were pretty shocked six months ago to see the bruises on pop singer Rihanna’s face, and even more shocked to learn they got there as a result of a beating handed down by her just as famous, pop-star boyfriend, Chris Brown.  Several court appearances and apologies later, Chris Brown, dressed in baby blue and sporting a bow tie, sits down to an interview with Larry King and says…well, watch it for yourself.

He now says he was shocked when he read the police report and doesn’t really remember the events of the evening.  Until the episode airs, we won’t know what else Chris is saying, but it’s hard to imagine not remembering beating someone over an extended period of time while driving through LA, in a rented Lamborghini.  I mean, I had a particularly harrowing slap fight with my sister back in ’83 and the event and subsequent trauma is still clear as a bell today. So it’s kind of hard for me to believe Chris Brown doesn’t remember the events of the night in question.

That said, Brown’s not remembering is not the same as him saying it didn’t happen.  In fact, Brown has been publicly and privately apologetic since the event.  So, is his not remembering a ploy for sympathy, or a real reaction to an incident that was truly out of character for him?  Police reports indicate that this wasn’t the first incident of physical abuse between the pair.  So the temporary amnesia explanation isn’t as believable when your realize that there might have been a pattern of abuse.

The Larry King interview with Chris Brown is scheduled to Air on Wednesday, September 2nd. We’ll watch to see what Chris says and does, but ultimately, his legions of young fans will be the ones to decided, with their dollars, whether they’ve forgiven Brown’s really bad behavior or not.

This priest parties hard and carries heat

Undated photo of Father Gregory Malia

Undated photo of Father Gregory Malia

I’d never heard of Gregory Malia until recently, but it turns out the priest’s reputation precedes him.  Malia, an ex-priest with the Diocese of Bethlehem Episcopal Church, is facing a fraud investigation surrounding his Pennsylvania pharmacy (currently being sued by Blue Cross for improper billing.) But even before that, Malia was notorious for bar and club hopping throughout New York. The priest was well known for tooling around the city in a $75,000 Jaguar and spending his evenings at nightclubs and bars buying magnums of Dom Perignon at $25,000 each and dropping thousands of dollars in tips each night.

That’s excessive behavior for anybody, but a priest? Isn’t there some kind of non-baller clause in their contract? The Episcopal church thinks so.  They gave the reverend six months to clean up his partying ways or risk being defrocked. Church elders already suspended him as vicar of his parish in the hamlet of Carbondale last year after he was busted partying at several New York hot spots.

Not satisfied with being known as the partying priest, Malia, taking a page from the idiot professional athlete files, brought a gun into a nightclub back in July and pulled it on his estranged daughters.  Talk about fatherly love. Malia’s daughter Marilyn says that women at the club “beat the living hell out of me and my father just stood there and watched and enjoyed it, and protected the girls who beat me.”  Nice dad.  Father Malia was charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct following the dustup. No word on whether he is either willing or able to give up his current baller status to retain his priestly duties.


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