The 5 most stressful jobs in America

The most stressful job in America

Stress at Work? Try one of these jobs…

So you think you have it bad – well suppose you had a bad boss and one of the most stressful jobs in America? studied dozens of factors that lead to job stress and ranked 200 professions by how much these factors impacted an average workday. Factors included work environment, perceived risk of unemployment and job competitiveness. According to their research, these are the 5 most stressful jobs in America.

5. Cops – It goes without saying, any job that includes the potential of being shot is stressful, but add to that long hours and dealing with people like the one’s featured each week on the tv show Cops, then it’s no wonder cops made the top 5.

4. Surgeons – With life and death at their fingertips, surgeons rank #4 in stressful jobs. Erratic hours and the rise in malpractice cases also add to the stressful nature of this job.

3. Taxi Drivers – Cab drivers work erratic hours and frequently drive in bad weather conditions. They’re also confined to their vehicles for much of the day, making them vulnerable to criminals.

2. Corporate Executive – Ok, so we’re not exactly pulling out our violins for the men and women in these positions, but the highly competitive corporate exec field brings with it daily pressures to make far-reaching decisions that can affect not only companies but entire economies.

1. Firefighters – No surprise here. Firefighting ranks as the #1 stressful job in America. Firefighters risk serious injury and death while on the job, and are often required to spend long hours outdoors in bad weather,” says

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Waiting for the other shoe to drop

other_shoe_dropping It’s a sinking feeling. One I’m all too familiar with. It starts out with your boss telling you she, or he, wants to talk to you. If he’s a real heel, he’ll get a hold of you on your cell phone (company provided or personal) late in the evening or even on the weekend. When your boss calls you at night or on the weekend, it’s never to give you a raise. The worst part about it is when you’ve got to wait until Monday morning to get the news.

This recently happened to a friend of mine.  A bunch of us were hanging out on Sunday evening, when she gets a voicemail from her boss telling her to give him a call back, “if she feels like it.” WTH? Who does that? On a Sunday? With no hint at all about why he’s calling? I’ll tell you who does that. A jerk. And unfortunately the business world is full of them. When I was laid off from my last position, my own jerk called me on the first day of my vacation, to lay me off. Why, you might ask, didn’t she just tell me the Friday before I left for vacation? Did I mention she was a jerk?

What I do know is that bad bosses – really bad bosses – whether by design or sheer incompetence, choose the worst times to do the worst things.  Layoffs, “come to Jesus meetings” and run of the mill, work-related bad news are all par for the course wherever you work. My issue is with the way these bad bosses choose to handle delivering it. Once after a particularly disastrous quarter, one boss called to blame me for the entire million dollar company’s poor  performance. Even though I was the marketing manager, he held me responsible for sales, production and inventory failures. Why? I was the only one stupid enough to take his call on a Friday evening.

I’ve spent over ten years working for bad bosses who made holding the proverbial ‘other shoe’ over their employees head into an art form. Some seemed to actually derive pleasure from passing on bad news at inopportune times. Others just seemed oblivious. Whatever their motivation, it was just one of the many really bad habits of really bad bosses. The light at the end of the tunnel? The worse these bosses were, the harder I worked to get away from them. I’ve also found that eventually  there’ll be a shoe looming over their heads as well. And I have to admit, when the other shoe finally did drop squarely on the shoulders of one of my most notorious bad bosses, I got a big kick over it – pun intended. Is that wrong?

I don’t know about you, but the weekend can’t come fast enough for me

overworked ass
You think your ass is overworked?

 I think the picture says it all.