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Governor Mark Sanford weeps during his press conference

Governor Mark Sanford weeps during his press conference

South Carolina governor Mark Sanford continues to earn his spot in the Really Bad Boss archives by persisting with his droopy eyed, tear stained admissions of guilt. He’s recently upped the ante by playing the biblical character card. Sanford pulled out all stops by comparing himself to King David. Yes, that King David.  And, while King David and governor Sanford are both men who committed adultery, that’s where the similarities end.  While I guess I understand what he was trying to accomplish by making the comparison, the whole premise ends up sounding more ridiculous than sympathetic.

As much as we frown on infidelity at Really Bad Boss, we’ve believed from the beginning that the infidelity wasn’t the most shocking portion of Sanford’s admission. It was his disappearing act.  If anyone of us had simply disappeared from our jobs for five days, we would have been fired. No questions, no excuses.  Why should Mark Sanford get special treatment because he’s a governor? We think that it’s precisely because he’s governor that his M.I.A act should be considered a serious breach of his constituents’ trust.  And now, in the face of objections to him remaining in office, Sanford brings King David into the matter. 

If Sanford is a fan of reading the Bible, let’s see if he remembers Luke 12:48, which says in part “…From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” We’re asking Sanford to tell his story walking…right out of office.

…and we can read too

Hulk Hogan just before he turns green

Hulk Hogan just before he turns green

The Really Bad Boss Celebrity Foot in Mouth Edition Vol. II 

We just finished letting Jamie Foxx know that we can hear him when he says things on his radio show.  Now we learn that we also have to let Hulk Hogan know that we can read the interviews he gives when they go to print.  Hogan is a bit different from Foxx.  He’s never won an Academy Award and the safe bet is he never will.  Not long ago he was making a living tearing off his tank top and throwing people around a ring.  Plus, he’s named after a a comic strip character. We really should never take anyone seriously who legally goes by the name of a comic book character.  Ever. 

 Unlike Jamie Foxx, the bar is set lower for Hogan. Much lower. Yet he still managed to get his lip caught on it during a Rolling Stones interview.  An interview that will be published in Rolling Stone magazine and subsequently read by a lot of people.   So, when he, in the interview and on camera, sympathizes with OJ Simpson and admits to having thoughts of killing his ex-wife and her boyfriend, even people who barely paid any attention to him before, started giving him the side eye.  Apparently this is so shocking to the Hulk that he put a sleeved shirt on and apologized. His apology involved him saying he’s “misunderstood” and how difficult it is to see his ex and her boy toy in his former million dollar mansion. Maybe one of the networks will give him a reality show so he can share more of his murderous fantasies during prime time.  Or maybe they can just put him on that island with BlagojevichRead the rest of this entry »

You know we can hear you right…

jamie-foxx_49-grammy_021107-1The Really Bad Boss Celebrity Foot in Mouth Edition – Volume I

Yes you Jamie Foxx – Academy Award winning, new movie releasing, crossover audience coveting , shouldn’t be making these types of mistakes this deep into his career- Jamie Foxx.  We can hear you on the radio when you say things.  That’s how radio works.  And all 27 quadrillion Miley Cyrus fans, and their parents, who may have planned on seeing your movie next week, heard you too.   

For the 12 of you who haven’t heard, Foxx, on his satellite-radio show, went on a rant against teen sensation Miley Cyrus saying among other things, that she should “grow up, make a sex tape and do drugs.”  He also called her a little “white b****” and said he hoped she’d “catch Chlamydia” from a bicycle seat.  Hilarious.  Your movie comes out when again?

In addition to his comments being as funny as his Miami Vice remake was good, they were really harsh considering they were directed at a 16 year old.  The rant against Cyrus came after she got into some make believe battle with Radiohead when they refused to sign autographs for her after a show.  But why is Foxx fighting Radiohead’s battles against a 16 year old?   Of course he’s since apologized.  He’s sorry.  We agree.  The truth is, he probably doesn’t really want Miley to make a sex tape, do drugs and get Chlamydia (Paris Hilton would be rendered completely useless if that happened), but I am tired of celebrities, talk show hosts and politicians making comments on tape and on the record and then looking downtrodden on TV when they, inevitably, have to apologize the day after.