Comment Policy (RBB) thrives on your comments and input. To help encourage posting that helps enhance the RBB community, we’ve developed a comment policy. As much as you might hate your boss, if you’re still working for him or her you must need your job. As long as that remains the case, use common sense in posting your stories and comments.  Don’t:

  • Use your full name or your bosses full name – Do not include personal, email or work addresses in your comments and postings. is not responsible or liable if you do. 
  • Threaten physical harm to your boss or anyone else at your company. We will not pay your bail.
  • Identify co-workers, colleagues, family members etc. by full name, even if you think just this once they wouldn’t mind.
  • Make anything up. If you’ve ever had a really bad boss, you won’t need to.

Administrator reserves the right to moderate comments for suitability.  Administrator will immediately remove all comments that are deemed physically and/or verbally threatening towards any individual or group. Comments containing racial and/or ethnic slurs, foul language, explicit sexual content or inflammatory statements will be removed immediately.  In other words, please respect your fellow commenters.

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