An unfortunate reality for many recent college graduates

If only this resume could land you a job…

Recent grad resume



















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Support Haitian Relief Efforts

haiti We’d like to take a moment to remember the victims of Haiti and their loved ones and family members all over the world. We’d also like to express our gratitude to those members of the world community who selflessly have made their way to Haiti to help with the relief efforts. For our part, we’ve shown our support by donating to Doctors Without Borders. We’ve added a Doctors Without Borders donation button to our sidebar. Clicking the button will take you directly to their donation site. Lets keep the prayers and support going.

This just in, Kanye West is still a jackass

Kanye in full jackass mode

Kanye in full jackass mode

Sometimes, really bad behavior forces me to veer slightly off topic.  Usually it’s news from the entertainment world.  And last night, Kanye proved that he deserved to be talked about here, and is, in fact, still a jackass.  If you don’t believe me, watch the video link here. Kanye ran on stage during Taylor Swifts’ acceptance speech at last night’s VMAs to whine about Beyonce’s video deserving the award. Everyone, including Beyonce was shocked, and Swift looked humiliated.

The only excuse for this is if Kanye has a legitimate mental disorder.  But, I don’t think so. I think if his mug isn’t plastered everywhere on a regular basis, his ego just can’t handle it.  And, he’s brilliant, because here I am talking about him, and really, I couldn’t give a damn about Kanye West. And, wasn’t there a Michael Jackson tribute lat night?? He’s a genius for getting everybody to talk about him the night the VMAs have a tribute to MJ.

Thankfully, Beyonce saved the day when, after receiving her own award, she invited Swift on stage to finish her acceptance speech. I’m waiting for West to start asking us if a black man can’t get a break.  Our answer is, not when he acts like that.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled post for this off topic, but really bad…

…song and video by La Toya Jackson. I’m sorry people, but I could not resist.  What in the name of all that is good and holy is this? Latoya  says it’s a tribute to her brother Michael. I think Michael is rolling over in his grave and writing new lyrics for this “song.”  (Too soon? Is he even buried yet?)  After forcing myself to watch the video twice, I’ve made a list of questions/observations:

  1. Where’s the rest of La Toya’s nose?
  2. The dancing at the 4:00 minute mark…really? Seriously? From a Jackson?
  3. The lyrics. Who helped her write this? Is English their first language?
  4. Elevators all over the country are missing track six.
  5. Is that little girl supposed to represent LaToya, because LaToya didn’t start buying hair like that until she was much older.
  6. The song can be downloaded from ITunes and all proceeds go to AIDS Project LA.  Can we donate to the charity if she doesn’t sing?

Yes, it’s mean.  As penance, I’ll force myself to watch the video again and again.

Now back to our regularly scheduled really bad boss stories.