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Horrible Bosses: So bad they made a movie about it…

Hollywood is banking on the fact that zillions of Americans hate their bad bosses enough to fork over the $10+ price of admission to see Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day plot the ultimate demise of their respective bosses played by Kevin Spacey – a white color schmuck -, Jennifer Aniston  – a sexual predator – and Colin Farrell – a drug addicted, fiercely-combed-over pig. The movie opens July 8th and I have a feeling that these bosses are so horribly over the top that even the real-life bad bosses will despise them. Can’t wait to review it…

The movie opens July 8th, but take a look at the official trailer now…


From the “Seriously dude?” files

Spears ex-bodyguard Fernando FloresLet’s start off by establishing that it is entirely possible, and probably more common than we know, for men to be victims of sexual harassment. But in the case of Britney Spears’ ex-security guard, I’m kind of leaning to the “seriously dude?” side.

Fernando Flores, who Spears hired in February of this year, claims that the singer exposed herself, insulted him and threatened to fire him over a slurpee incident (wth?), leaving him emotionally scarred. The suit, which seeks unspecified damages was filed in LA Superior Court on Wednesday and claims that Spears made repeated unwanted sexual advances toward Flores and summoned him to her room “for no other purpose or reason than to expose her naked body or near-naked body.” Flores also states that Spears engaged in sexual acts in front of him and her children.

Spears’ lawyers say that the suit is just an attempt at taking advantage of the Spears family. Even Spears’ estranged husband has weighed in on the suit saying it’s motivated by money. Britney Spears has been guilty of many things, but this, this seems to be outside of even her realm of crazy. Which still leaves me asking “seriously dude?”  Thoughts?

Read the rest of the story here.

Porn star and Tiger mistress claims sexual harassment

Let me start by saying yes, it is absolutely possible that porn star/Tiger Woods mistress/all around questionable character Joslyn James was sexually harassed by the promoter of her national tour of stripping appearances. And yes, if she was as she claims, propositioned for sex in exchange for payment, then she really does have a valid sexual harassment claim.

But I’m also saying that carrying on an affair with a married Tiger Woods, keeping and releasing explicit text messages to the media, and then filming a porno depicting your relationship with Woods does very little to boost your credibility or your sympathy among other women and victims of sexual harassment. I’m just saying.

Side note: Way to pick the cream of the crop Tiger. How he didn’t feel the need to boil himself after cavorting with women like this is beyond me.

Read the full story on James’ sexual harassment claims here.

Why Conan is king

Despite his hurt feelings about losing The Tonight Show, Conan O’Brien is in an envious position right now and it’s not just because of his reported $40 million payout for leaving NBC. Conan is king because he got to mock, ridicule and otherwise shame the bad boss goofs at NBC who got him and the network in this whole mess in the first place.

Think about it. For the last couple of weeks, Conan’s been paid millions of dollars to diss his own bosses – and he’s been loving it, and so have we.  Julia Roberts even got in on it on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. And although Leno was some of the collateral damage – deservedly or not – the world stood behind Conan in declaring the real screw ups in this matter as NBC. How often does that happen? How often in “real life” does the laid off employee get a national platform to complain about his bosses and there’s nothing the bosses can do about it? Never. And that’s why, no matter where you fall in the late night battle between Jay and Conan, you’ve got to admit, that at least for a little while, Conan was king.

The big bad bosses at NBC

conan13nw1 If you or I had mucked up the way the head honchos have at NBC, we’d be out of a job faster than you could hum the NBC chimes. Let’s recap…

Leno (who I personally think is the least funniest of the late night hosts) has the number one late night talk show on the air. Things are going so well, the folks at NBC say, “let’s fix it” – because we all know, no one can break anything that’s working, faster than a bad boss. They say, “Let’s skew for a younger audience and let’s save a gang of cash while we’re at it. We’ll cancel promising shows like Southland, move venerable favorites like the Law & Order franchise to the 9:00pm timeslot and ‘change the face of prime time.’”  Ok, so maybe those weren’t their exact words.

If by ‘change the face of prime time’ they meant put dozens of people out of work to ensure the continued employment of wealthy comedians and NBC execs, fail miserably at their new venture, and have to eat crow only months later, then NBC and it’s current team of decision makers are the most successful group of individuals ever to “grace” network television.

In all the shuffle, O’Brien’s lost his big dream of hosting The Tonight Show, Leno, although presumably returning to his 11:35pm slot, completely flopped and might want to start thinking about hanging it up, and Fallon, well Fallon has just become a footnote in all the brouhaha. When it’s all said and done, it is hard to feel sorry for these guys with their million dollar contracts and buy-out deals. Who I do wonder about is O’Brien’s staff and crew who picked up and moved to the other side of the country for this gig. What will they do now? I doubt if their contracts include million dollar clauses. And what about the slew of 10:00pm shows, stars, crew and crafts people who were all left without gigs months ago?

Who I’m not wondering about are the head honchos at NBC. If history is any indicator, even after a gi-normous mistake like this, their jobs will still be intact, as will their salaries and bonuses. It seems that even in late-night, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Tyra Banks a bad boss?

When Tyra Banks announced that she’d be ending her talk show this year to pursue movie production, people (those who cared anyway) immediately began wondering about the real reason for the end of the show. After all, with two Emmy’s under her belt and with Oprah as her mentor, many thought she would become the next talk show queen. Well if you believe some of her employees, Ms. Banks doesn’t have the management chops to run her million dollar empire, much less a talk show.

According to insiders, the Tyra Banks show has been plagued with high turnover for years. “She and the higher-ups on the production staff could be extremely brutal,” says the source. “She really is a diva.” Sources say it was her way or the highway. In our experience, that’s pretty typical bad boss behavior. But if reports that Banks and upper management frequently demeaned lower level staff and that some employees only learned that the show would be ending after the announcement had been made to the press are true, then Banks and her management team are treading into really bad boss territory.

Now some of the reports coming out might very well be sour grapes, but it wouldn’t be at all surprising to us if at least some of stories are true. After all, what management training does Banks have? Plus we all know that training alone isn’t enough to make someone a good boss.  We’re sure something close to the truth will shake out over the next few months, but we’re not holding our breath.

Source: Examiner

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