A Sweet Resignation Letter

Chris Holmes was an immigration officer at Stansted airport in the U.K.  Was. Yesterday Chris resigned in the sweetest possible way, and promoted his new cake baking business to boot…

Chris Holmes' resignation cake.


Source: The Guardian

Say yes if you understand me

Editor’s Note: It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a submission with such detailed accounts of the antics of a megalomaniac boss. And then Jonathan sent me this. This post’s title is just one of many condescending comments she made to her employees – and below is just a small sample of some of the things she did. Thankfully, after just four months (which must have seemed more like four years to her employees) this non-manager was demoted.

This is an account of a rude, condescending, commanding manager, with the social skills of a child, and the leadership skills of someone raised in the wild. I don’t want to say I’m a better person than her, but being a bit older and being college educated while she is not definitely did not help my attitude towards her when she started casting out commands.

I began working a second job at a family owned t-shirt store in the city. With-in my first month the owners decided to open another smaller kiosk inside of the public market. I agreed to transfer over to the new shop and begin working under the newly promoted manager, who was being transferred from the shipping department at the warehouse.

Tensions were high amongst the owners, managers and employees the first couple days working in the kiosk. The stress of the deadline to open, arranging the product and deciding where things should go, how things should be presented, etc., had tempers boiling over. I met my new manager and after a friendly first hour of her telling me what her expectations and hopes for the store would be, she slowly began turning into a monster. She began to pick at the way I stood, the order in which I laid out product, the direction tags of shirts should be. Although I found this to be a bit picky, I didn’t see much harm in it, she just had a certain way she wanted things, and most of her abruptness I chalked up to being under stress from the owners to get things underway and start making sales and having a tidy professional-looking workplace. I knew this was her first time ever being in charge or being in any position of power so I let most things slide off my back when she would snip about something small.

After things had settled down with the store and we had gotten into the swing of things, she did not follow suit. In fact she got progressively worse.

Here are a list of dialogues and run-ins we had over the first six weeks:

  • I show up my first day on my own. Knowing she had been stressed, I parked at a meter just outside the building to make sure I was there early enough to help her set up. After an hour of arranging, I tell her that I now needed to go park my car in the lot, which was about 1/2 mile away.  She responds “You can’t do this when you start here by yourself you know. You’re lucky I’m here.”  To which I respond: “Yes I’m aware of that, I just wanted to help you because I know you’ve been stressing about this whole thing.”

Her reply: “Just so we’re clear, I was helping YOU…Do you understand?”

  • “Is that how I told you I wanted those arranged?” “You need to smile more even when there aren’t customers present. If you smile and talk to them more, they’ll give you more money, and that’s really all we care about.” “You need to face this direction, don’t ever turn your back, even if you need to get something behind you.” “Those glasses aren’t arranged right, make them look happier.” “What would you do if I wasn’t here to save you? (Because I asked how to open the new receipt machine)” “I thought I talked to you about this, I don’t want more than 50 singles in the drawer.


  • Her: “Do you have any questions before I leave?”  Me: “I don’t think so…..OH wait, yes, when we get the new shipment where should I display them?” Her: “Okay, when I ask you if you have any questions, that’s what I meant. You need to ask me right away. (Because I had to think about it)


  • Her: (barely audible noise facing away from me which I didn’t really hear and assumed she wasn’t talking to me) Her again: “HEY. I’M TALKING TO YOU. YOU NEED TO ANSWER ME AND NOT IGNORE ME WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU. LOOK AT ME. ARE YOU JUST GOING TO IGNORE ME? IS THAT HOW IT’S GOING TO BE?”


  • “Say yes if you understand me.”

After 4 months she FINALLY got demoted from manager, in what was called “a huge mistake in judgement putting her in charge.” She then had the nerve to come in to work and tell everyone that she had actually “stepped down”, even though we were all aware of what actually happened.

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Bye, Bye Excel and I – Girl quits job at Microsoft with lyrically genius song…

If only I had her lyrical stylings…

The Really Bad Boss Blog Roundup

really bad boss blog roundupWhat the blogosphere’s saying about bosses this week…

  • The worst bosses of 2011? Our friends at eBosswatch list 100 of the worst bosses of 2011 and include the sexual harassment hijinks of Mike Cordova of Applebees, Mr. 999 himself, Herman Cain, and former Penn State Assistant Coach and man-who-thinks-it’s-ok-to-shower-with-young-boys, Jerry Sandusky. I’m going to have so much fun going through this list and sharing all of the really bad boss dirt with you.
  • Over on Forbes.com, Stephanie Taylor Christensen shares five ways to spot a bad boss in an interview.
  • Who Moved  My Cheese, Good to Great, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Little Engine That Could. The Little Engine That Could? Yes, a retail company vice president gave the employees in his department a copy of The Little Engine That Could as a holiday gift. Meredith Levinson explains why that might not have been such a good idea.
  • Unfortunately, you already know this – a bad boss can follow you home. Not literally, although I’m sure that’s actually happened to someone. No, the stress and anxiety caused by a really bad boss filters into your home life. Neil Wagner explains in the Atlantic.

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Would you share a hotel room with your boss? Me neither…

I’ve had to share a hotel room with a colleague before. Besides the fact that she snored like an ox, the idea of sharing personal spaces as intimate as bedrooms and bathrooms with a work colleague is just …disturbing.  But, the budget was tight and I got along pretty well with my colleague.  But what if you had to share a hotel room with your boss? Who walked around in her thong underwear. And carried on conversations with you. While she was on the toilet.  That’s what happened to this woman as reported on the USA Travel website. Some excerpts of what Beth the boss inflicted on her employee:

First of all, Beth requires the woman to share a hotel room with her.

In hotel rooms, the employee writes, Beth “will leave the bathroom door open while using the toilet and yelling comments to me (not even my husband does this).”

Beth also walks around the room in her thong and tries to discuss her dating and sex life with the woman while the woman attempts to hide under her covers and fall asleep.

Beth is such a control freak over travel expenses that when she orders room service breakfast, she orders a single entree and pot of coffee and expects the employee to share the food.

The advice columnist who received this letter about Beth suggests that the employee find another job. Ya think? Would you ever share a hotel room with your boss?




Yoda’s looks without the wisdom: More true really bad boss stories

More sad, hilarious, frustrating and true reader submitted bad boss stories…

yoda as really bad bossI worked for a Jazz Club in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  My boss was a 70 year old Astria woman who looked like yoda.  She wore the same clothes into work each night yet yelled about having a military press in each employee’s shirt.  By 1 am, she was so drunk, coworkers and I have had to give her a ride home.  There are countless stories concering Yoda with a mullet.  So she can’t sue, I’ll name her Ughla.  I think I shall write a book about this past year.  Its been disgustingly ridiculous. And belittling…

My boss, LH, is a short Hitler like Bully. He hangs with his Beemer Boys and takes credit for all good ideas and is…

Hey, what about a psychologist who is a flaming Borderline!  She promised us the world in this private practice, then turned on us in a public meeting and tried to disembowel us all because we “embarrassed” her in front of a couple of nurses.  We didn’t even know what was going on.  We both have over 20 years experience apiece as therapists, but this greenhorn decided to tell us both that we didn’t have any skills.  Okay.  We were ready to resign and she laid us off.  Good for her reputation, but we are both stil reeling over the viciousness of her attack.  Go figure.

The firm I work for behaves in the same way as Glassmajic described.  Despite being a law firm where they should know better (due to the legal ramifications) they insist on making us come in on snow days.  Of course, they always say “use your best judgment and don’t do anything dangerous”, but they also dock you your vacation time if you don’t come in, giving you no choice but to take the risk.

Send your true really bad boss stories to denised (@) really bad boss (dot) com (remove spaces and parenthesis to email).

“Jared, I’m here to tell you that I’m quitting!”

In honor of Bosses Day…

If this is real, it’s epic.  Joey hired a marching band to help him quit. A couple of people commented that Joey was an ass to quit a job (even a bad job) in this economy. Once the band started, I for one, couldn’t stop smiling. And I love how the band drowns out his boss yelling “Get out!” Unless you’ve had a really bad boss, you won’t understand how great this really is.

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