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Really bad boss…  

Webster has several definitions for the word boss including; a young cow, a person who exercises control or authority and a protuberant part or body. Your boss might be all of the above, but, at Reallybadboss.com, we define a boss as anyone who has control over anyone or anything. From business to politics, academia to entertainment, if they’re running it really badly, our job is to talk about them here.

The Employees Strike Back…  

Finally, there’s a place on the web where you can share your really bad boss stories with the world and read everyone else’s.  Tell us about the time your boss called you on your family vacation…to lay you off.  Or the time you tried to give your two weeks notice, and your boss kicked you out of the building, kept the company car and made you pay for the cab ride home (I still have the receipt).  Visit ” The Board” page and leave your boss a note or two or three and tell them how you really feel.   Go ahead…have the last word.

Disclaimer – So that we’re all clear…

Reallybadboss.com provides a platform for individuals to share their stories and to form a supportive community. This website does not offer or claim to offer professional legal, medical, psychological advice or counseling and is not intended to take the place of professional advice or counseling. 

Comments on this website are the sole responsibility of their writers. Comment writers take full responsibility, liability, and blame for any libel or litigation that results from anything they’ve written and posted on this site. In other words, if you identify yourself, your boss, your company and/or colleagues by name and are terminated, written up, talked about, scorned or even rewarded for your boldness, we are neither responsible nor liable for any of it. We can’t undo what you did, and we can’t help you find a new job, so take advantage of the golden opportunity to remain anonymous. Furthermore, while we trust that the stories posted on this site are true and accurate, the accuracy of all stories and comments posted cannot be verified or guaranteed. The site is not liable for any misrepresentations or falsehoods posted by comment writers.  If you use any content from this site, please link back and give us credit.  Thanks.



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