Do you work for one of the worst companies in America?

You might have a bad boss, and you might work for a bad company, but you should probably thank your lucky stars if you don’t work for one of the companies that made the list of the worst companies to work for in the U.S. From P.R. Daily, the top nine to make the list are:

1. Dishdish network
2. Express Scripts
3. Dillard’s
4. Dollar General
5. RadioShack
6. ADT
7. Sears Holdings
8. NCR
9. Fiserv

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An unfortunate reality for many recent college graduates

If only this resume could land you a job…

Recent grad resume



















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Harassment in the workplace: Party Company Fires Teen for Complaining About Sexual Harassment

Blond women in business clothing with hand up signaling STOPHarassment in the workplace

If you’re a teenager, a party company seems like it would be a pretty cool place to work. Unless of course, your manager regularly peppers you with unwanted sexual advances.  The teen girl, who worked at  Screamin’ Parties, a New York company that hosts parties for children, filed a complain with the state’s Division of Civil Rights alleging that she had been subjected to unwanted sexual advances by her male supervisor. She also alleged that she was fired a month after complaining about the treatment. In addition to the sexual harassment from her supervisor, the teen says she was also subjected to inappropriate comments from male co-workers.

Although the company admitted no wrongdoing, it has agreed to pay the teen $15,000 to resolve the suit.

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A Sweet Resignation Letter

Chris Holmes was an immigration officer at Stansted airport in the U.K.  Was. Yesterday Chris resigned in the sweetest possible way, and promoted his new cake baking business to boot…

Chris Holmes' resignation cake.


Source: The Guardian

If I throw a stick, will you leave? And 24 other things you’d love to say at work






















Source: Buckle Up Bitch

My office…

Please God, don’t let him get the job

I know the job market’s tough, but “stalking” isn’t considered a great skill. Especially when you’re stalking the company you want to work for. Source:


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